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Chico Hot Springs Wedding

There are few places as Montanan as Chico Hot Springs and there are few things we love more then making wedding videos at Chico Hot Springs. When Darren got in touch about his Labor day wedding at Chico Hot Springs we knew we had to do it. The venue is nestled in the foothills of the Absarokee mountain range at the foot of mount baldy in Paradise Valley about 20 miles south of Livingston, MT. This one of a kind location lends itself to making truly amazing wedding videos.

When the team here at Bonafide Film House prepares for a Chico Hot Springs wedding video there are a few things we have to consider. It is important to bring rain protection for our shooters and our cameras. No matter what the weather forecast says storms can roll through the valley at a moments notice but they always pass very quickly. We always like to bring few extra cameras to ensure we can get a stunning time-lapses in every direction and a pair of very comfortable shoes as we tend to do a lot of walking.

When we first arrived at Chico Hot Springs on the day of Darren and Colleens wedding we where stunned by the beauty of the storm systems passing through Paradise Valley. The clouds made for a very dramatic scene which lended itself perfectly to Darren and Colleens style. As soon as we got up to the cabin one of our shooters went with Colleen to film hair and makeup. Our other videographer set up some time-lapses and flew the drone before heading over to film Darren getting ready.

After we finished all the prep shots we got together with the photographer to plan how we were going to approach the ceremony. It is always important to plan out the ceremony with the photographer so that everyone avoids getting in each others shot. This ceremony was going to be something little different Colleen was going to be driven up to the ceremony site in Darrens vintage chevy pick up by her dad. Darren and Colleens friends and family stood for Collen as she exited the truck in here stunning dress and custom pink chucks with the breathtaking view behind her. You could see Darren’s reaction as Colleen walked down the aisle to him. The whole ceremony went flawlessly and the two where married to a cheering crowd as they left in the truck.

Once everyone made their way down to the main hall for cocktail hour Darren and Colleen joined us and the photographer for some bride and groom shot with the sun setting against the mountains as a backdrop. While we all set up at the field of dreams in Chico hot springs one of our shooters flew the drone to capture amazing shots of Darren and Colleen against the mountains. Darren and Colleen practiced there choreographed dance while we filmed them with Chico Hot Springs in the background.

The rest of the evening went perfectly with the couple joining their friends and family in the main hall for a fantastic dinner prepared by the Chico Hot Springs staff. Everyone enjoyed some heartfelt speeches and danced the night away.

If you are interested in hiring a Montana wedding videographer for your special day, please check out our Montana Wedding page and get in contact with us.

By Anthony Cohen


Director of Photography at Bonafide Film House

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