Filming A Wedding at The Baxter Hotel in Bozeman Montana

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The Baxter Hotel has been a focal point of Downtown Bozeman Montana since 1929. One of the best parts about The Baxter is that it makes a truly unique wedding venue. There is nothing like it in Montana. So when we were asked to film a wedding at The Baxter we were super excited.

Sarah and Errol got in touch with us early in the season planning there Montana destination wedding for mid-August at The Baxter Hotel and were looking for a videography team that could be flexible and professional. Sarah knew what she wanted and it just so happened that the Bonafide Film House wedding video team was a perfect fit.

Sarah and Errol were bringing in friends and family from across the world and it was very important to them that there was a huge celebration on rehearsal day so that everyone had a chance to relax and get to know each other before the big day. They hired our wedding video team to film the rehearsal night as well as the wedding day.

When we film a rehearsal day there are a few important things we look for. Are there going to be speeches? Is there any special gift giving? Will there actually be a rehearsal or will it just be a welcoming celebration? All these things dictate how we will cover the day. When someone hires us for the rehearsal day we provide two shooters for four hours. This allows us to get complete coverage of the evening.

Sarah and Errol picked a beautiful rental house in the Bridger mountains which provided stunning 360-degree views from at close to peak levels. We arrived a few hours before the dinner was to take place and were able to shoot a few time-lapses and get some aerials of the area. All of the guests were super comfortable being on camera and seemed excited about the events of the next day at The Baxter Hotel. Sarah had planned everything to the last flower with beautiful place settings and customized favors for each guest handmade by her. Sarah’s sister a trained chef out of Portland made a delicious dinner for everyone. As the sun started to set gifts where shared out among all the guests and many of the bridal party gave speeches. We were able to capture it all an incorporate it into the main wedding video that took place at The Baxter in Bozeman.

On the wedding day, our team arrived early to introduce ourselves to The Baxter’s staff and all of the other wedding vendors. One of our shooters joined Sarah a few blocks down from The Baxter on the main street in Bozeman at a salon to get hair and makeup prep shots. Our other shooter focused on getting some absolutely stunning ariels of the Baxter as well as a lot of cutaway and B-roll of the historic Hotel.

Once hair and makeup were complete we focused on coordinating the ceremony. We worked closely with the photography team to ensure that the whole event went smoothly and no one was in anyone shots. The Baxter’s ballroom was set up with stunning silk drapes that let in a soft light that really made Sarah’s glass and gold decorations stand out. The aisle was lined with floating candles and the whole room was pure elegance. As their ceremony started you could feel the love and happiness coming off the crowd for this couple. Errol waited at the altar as Sarah walked down the aisle in her stunning dress. As the couple completed there vows and were announced as husband and wife the adorable son ran to give them both a hug.

Shortly after the ceremony the photographers and our Bozeman wedding video team left The Baxter and crossed main street Bozeman to do bridal shots at the Emerson cultural center. We were able to capture some stunning shots against the brick and stone backdrop of the cultural center after bridal pictures were done and with sunset quickly approaching we took Errol and Sarah to the roof of The Baxter hotel to get someone of a kind aerial shots of them against the Bozeman skyline at sunset with the huge Baxter Hotel sign in the background.

As the night progressed all the guest had a fantastic evening of food and dancing. The Baxter was a one of a kind venue to shoot from its stunning mezzanine and lobby to its grand ballroom the elegance and history fit perfectly with our couples special day and we were lucky enough to be there to capture it.

If you are interested in hiring a Montana wedding videographer for your special day, please check out our Montana Wedding page and get in contact with us.

By Anthony Cohen


Director of Photography at Bonafide Film House

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