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Helena is a special place in Montana. It is full of history and is our state capital it also has a lot of stunning wedding venues which means we shoot a lot of wedding videos in the area. When Deven and Ryan called us up asking us to make them a wedding video we were excited to oblige. They got married at Staubach Ranch and it made for an absolutely stunning Helena wedding video.

Our day started early with our team arriving at the salon on Last Chance Gulch right in the heart of downtown Helena. As soon as we entered the room we knew this wedding video was going to be something great. Deven and her bridesmaids where having so much fun and where so excited to be there. We spent a couple hours capturing hair and makeup shots with Deven and the bridesmaids before heading to Staubach Ranch just 15 minutes outside of Helena Montana. 

As we pulled up to the huge barn that is the showcase of Staubach Ranch the whole area was busy with last minute preparations. The ground floor of the barn was converted to a museum dedicated to the Bride and Groom with hundreds of pictures showing there lives as children ad as a young couple strung across stalls with Christmas lights. The center aisle of the barn was dedicated to a huge buffet that ran the length of the first room. 

After introducing ourselves to the other vendors the Wedding video team at Bonafide Film House went to work. One of use went to find the bride in a beautiful little cabin where she was putting on the final touches before getting into her wedding dress. The other shooter went to get stunning time-lapses and cutaway of the surrounding area and venue these shots are important to set the tone of the wedding in the wedding video as well as give any family who couldn’t make it to the wedding a good idea of the area.

Once Deven had her dress on the pictures started in earnest. The beauty of Staubach Ranch and the surrounding Helena area is the history. all over the venue where old buildings and barns weathered and rustic with that perfect Montana charm. We were able to get some stunning shots with both Deven and Ryan against some of these ancient barns and fences really adding to the country charm that is expressed across the whole wedding video.

Once Ryan and his groomsmen were prepared we were ready for the first look. Another stunning aspect of the Staubach ranch venue and plot of wedding venues around Helena is the huge aspen groves. As you can see in the wedding video above a aspen groves make for fantastic first look spaces. They tend to be bright and airy while feeling secluded and intimate which is the perfect recipe for a first look in a Helena wedding video or any wedding video for that matter. When Ryan tuned around to see Deven for the first time he was practically speechless. Whenever we film a first look we use two cameras and both of our shooters. When we edit these Helena wedding videos having two videographers allows us to capture more creative shots. Like in this Helena wedding video where we were able to get reveal shots from behind trees while the other shooter maintained the general shot.

Once the first look was over we where able to get some shots of the couple alone which is important to a good wedding video. bride and groom solo shots really help express the intimacy and love a couple has for each other. We got these shots in the aspen grove and in the huge open field on the property. We always make sure to get a mixture of wide and tight shots to ensure the scope of the area is represented while also being able to appear close and personal.

Once these shots where done we moved to the ceremony area to coordinate with the photographer. Its always important to set up a game plan with the other vendors. Our end goal is to produce the best Helena wedding video possible and we want the photographers to produce the best photos possible. So before each ceremony we look over the ceremony area with the photographer and plan our camera placements and where we will operate to make sure we are not in our brides photos and the photographer is not in the Wedding video. This ceremony went off without a hitch we had fantastic camera placement and audio ensuring the coverage was super solid. As Ryan walked down the aisle you could see his excitement and when Deven followed you could tell he was speechless all over again. The Maid of Honor played a fantastic song on her acoustic guitar and as the ceremony came to an end the couple walked down the aisle hand in hand to the cheering of there friends and family.

The evening festivities began with a grand entrance and ended with everyone at the wedding on the dance floor. Somewhere in-between we had a fantastic sparkler sendoff which is always a favorite of the wedding video team here at Bonafide Film House. We also managed to steal the bride and groom away for 15 minutes of sunset shots where we captured the two in a stunning sunset lit field with a golden glow across the tops of the grass.

If you are interested in hiring a Montana wedding videographer for your special day, please check out our Montana Wedding page and get in contact with us.

By Anthony Cohen


Director of Photography at Bonafide Film House

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