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If there is one thing we absolutely love at Bonafide Film House, it is young couples that couldn’t be more in love. On the first of July, the wedding videography team at Bonafide Film House was lucky enough to film one of these beautiful couples.
Taking place in beautiful Paradise Valley, near Livingston Montana and just north of Yellowstone, the couple had rented out a beautiful ranch to spend their wedding day  leading up to the wedding. Stunning 360-degree views and a quirky artistic nature made this ranch a perfect fit for our couple. An early first look left our couple plenty of time to enjoy the day surrounded by their closest friends without the pressure of a strict schedule. Our team of wedding videographers were able to spend valuable one on one time with the couple ensuring there wedding video was perfect. 
As the passionate Livingston wedding video creators, we are, we were so excited to create a beautiful wedding video against the stunning backdrop of the Paradise Valley. The day morning went beautifully and their video turned out fantastic. As the day turned towards early afternoon the wedding party and the bride and groom to be made their way to the beautiful and secluded Luccock Park where the rest of there friends and family were waiting. As the wedding ceremony began the team had a hard time holding back tears as Alyssa walked down the aisle, at the base of the Livingston Montana mountains. When the bride and groom kissed, the crowd erupted in applause.  
The team of Montana videographers covered the rest of the day flawlessly, creating a very beautiful video in the end, that the bride and all of her friends absolutely loved.

If you are interested in hiring a Montana wedding videographer for your special day, please check out our Montana Wedding page and get in contact with us.

By Justin Kietzman

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Director and Editor at Bonafide Film House

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