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Caroline and John first got in touch with us back in 2017. When we heard about their plans for their big day we knew we had to be a part of it. There whole family was flying in for Texas and Alabama and we were lucky enough to have been chosen to make them a spectacular wedding videography package.

There is always something exciting and special about a Big Sky wedding video, especially when the whole event takes place in Moonlight Basin. The stunning backdrop of Lone Peak with its steep ski slopes still holding some of last winters snow are something that will cause anyone to stop and take a moment to appreciate the beauty.

When we are hired to film a Montana wedding video sometimes we are lucky enough to be able to join our couples for there rehearsal day as well. That was the case with this wedding video package so we got all our cameras ready and joined Caroline and John with over 100 of there closest friends and family. From the very beginning it was a fantastic time with activities planned throughout the day that took full advantage of everything Montana has to offer. Horse drawn carriages brought the guests to an immaculate curated dinner venue called the Horn and Cantel at Lone Mountain Ranch located near the base of Big Sky Ski Resort. We Filmed every detail in the restaurant located in Big Sky Montana, from the perfectly set tables to the stunning chandeliers. Once dinner was underway we had the pleasure of filming the couples speeches as their loved ones each got up and told funny and personal stories about special moments they had spent with the Bride and Groom over the years. The night started to wind down to the music from a live band which is always a joy to include in our wedding videos. We headed back to the office to prepare our equipment for another fantastic Montana wedding video the following morning at the Yellowstone Club Resort.

The next morning we met Caroline and her bridesmaids in a stunning suite above the lobby of Moonlight Basin Lodge. The huge bay windows offered spectacular light and beautiful views of Big Sky and the surrounding mountain ranges. We quickly got to work capturing all the fun activities going on in the suite. Professional make up artists were everywhere making the bridal party, parents and grandparents look even better than they normally do, for the big wedding day. Hairdressers were working hard to make everyone look perfect! Champagne toasts and hugs were happening everywhere. We knew this would be a beautiful wedding and the Bonafide Film House videography team was just as excited for this wedding as the wedding party.

One of our videographers drove down the mountain and joined the Groom and Groomsmen to film the details and capture the party and preparations happening at their Chalet. We took this opportunity to move the groom John to where the gorgeous first look would be taking place and it was spectacular with 360 degree views of Big Sky and an amazing up close look at Lone Peak. We knew we would have no issues getting beautiful images of their first look, no matter which direction our cameras were pointing. We chose to take a few steps back and shoot wide, showing the beautiful foothills and peak of Big Sky as John and Caroline shared a one of a kind personal moment surrounded by the early summer views of the beautiful Montana mountains. We think this exact moment gives their video that little something extra.

After the first look the Bonafide Film House videography team split up, allowing us to focus on filming the bridal party and also allowing us to capture the ceremony site being prepared at the Yellowstone Club. We always make sure to use multiple cameras to film the wedding ceremony. This allows our editors to always have a fantastic angle that shows exactly whats going on, never missing a special moment and makes it a more interesting experience for the viewers of our wedding videos for years to come. Once everyone joined us at the ceremony the wedding went off without a hitch and we were able to make them a wedding video that shows off the beauty of Big Sky from the golf course of Moonlight Basin.

When the ceremony was finished and all the tears had dried up, we all headed to The Lodge At Moonlight Basin and the videography team was able to capture the party. The fun crowd, stunning couple and beautiful venue all worked together to make a fantastic wedding video.

We truly want to thank everyone involved for allowing us the opportunity to work with Caroline and John at their lovely event in Big Sky, Montana at the Yellowstone Club. None of this would have been possible without everyone involved. The gorgeous decorations, stunning cake, immaculate planning and fantastic performance by the band all came together perfectly to allow for the perfect wedding day.

If you are interested in hiring a Montana wedding videographer for your special day, please check out our Montana Wedding Video page and get in contact with us.

By Anthony Cohen

Director of Photography at Bonafide Film House

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