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Few places are as beautiful as Red Lodge, Montana. The wedding video team at Bonafide Film House was lucky enough to film a wedding at the stunning Quaking Aspen Ranch in that area in the middle of summer and the views were stunning.

Athena and Jarret contacted us in the spring of 2017. They were planning there wedding from afar and were trying to find the best vendors possible. Athena was so excited to be getting married at Quaking Aspen Ranch. Quaking Aspen Ranch is a huge venue that offers something for everyone. a beautiful stream runs right through the property allowing for waterfront services with a beautiful aspen groveling its shores. Being the first time we had ever worked the venue we took extra care to bring everything we might need for the area.

When we have never worked a venue before we like to scout out the location in advance. If this is not possible we always arrive early and do a quick walk through taking note of our client’s decorations as well as all the special nuances that come with a new venue. Quaking Aspen Ranch had plenty of these to offer. The venue is run by the Powers family a lovely couple and there hardworking 7 kids. The Powers family gives the whole venue a special something, they will lead guests on a whole range of adventures from trail riding and swimming to target shooting. We were lucky enough to spend a leisurely morning with Jarret and Athena’s friends and family capturing them as they enjoyed the different amenities the venue has to offer.

Once we had a firm understanding of the venue the Bonafide Wedding video team got down to work. One of our shooters focused on getting the bride’s prep shots such as hair and makeup. Our other shooter set up some time-lapses and got some establishing shots with our drone. With the Quaking Aspen Ranch’s proximity to Red Lodge Montana, we were able to get some fabulous aerial shots of the venue and surrounding area.

One of the great things about working at Quaking Aspen Ranch is that everyone had already been at the venue for most of the week so everyone was super comfortable and relaxed. This showed in the fun and exciting footage we were able to capture of the guest and the bride and groom enjoying the venue.

The ceremony site that Jarret and Athena picked at Quaking Aspen ranch was one of a kind. We used three cameras and multiple sources of audio to ensure we were able to deliver a perfect ceremony. Jarret and his groomsmen walked down the Aisle dressed as 1800’s gentlemen in fine purple paisley suits. The ceremony site was on the banks of the creek with a stunning arbor and a beautiful Aspen grove stretching out behind it. As Athen walked down the aisle and the crowd stood you could see how excited Jarret was. The beautiful ceremony accompanied by local red lodge musicians. The crowd was ecstatic as the newlywed bride and groom walked back down the aisle.

Once the ceremony was over the party really began. The Quaking Aspen Ranch staff prepared a stunning meal and served it buffet style to the large wedding party. Jarret and Athena opted to go for something different with desert with a pie bar from a local Red Lodge bakery.

As the sun began to set we took the bride and groom away to get some sunset shots while the dancing began to take off in the barn. There is a stunning bridge on the property that is strung up with light that makes a perfect spot to take sunset video. As the night wound down we set up our video booth so that  Athena and Jarret’s guest could leave them messages. The bride and Groom could not have asked for a  more perfect summers evening.

If you are interested in hiring a Montana wedding videographer for your special day, please check out our Montana Wedding page and get in contact with us.

By Anthony Cohen


Director of Photography at Bonafide Film House

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